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The statue emerged from the blue sea, a marble statue, erect, with a smile, rising from the haze into Sun. A world was being born again - Homer's world.

The statue was nameless, it was my own soul, the one I have been carrying for centuries now, between heaven and earth, full of shells and memories - seaweed, flying fish, voyages without end. Cyprus...

I met Sapho and Alcaeus rowing on the Aegean, with dreams and love, tracing my fate and the fate of my land, singing in praise of the beauty of the White Sea, walking hand in hand with Aphrodite.

On the pier, the seagulls at sunrise flew about playfully, hurriedly moving their beaks. They dived into the water one by one and sailed on the early-woken sea that longed for day.

Seagulls always travel like dreams.

VENERABLE LADY, THE SEA ~ BY CLAIRE ANGELIDES - former Minister of Culture and Education
Translated by: Constantinos E. Evangelides
Copyright Claire Angelides (ISBN 9963-7664-2-0)