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November 05, 2013



Positive thinking has helped me to deal effectively with some really serious problems. I never see what's the worst and try as much as I can to see that silver lining. I sometimes do, I sometimes don't but the positive thought is worth a million.


Having a positive outlook has enabled me to cope better with unpleasant or tough situations.


Although I can't really say I am 100% optimistic, I find that forgetting the mistakes of the past and looking forward to future achievements is an essential part of happiness.


When things are looking pretty glum, I stick to the good old saying: This too shall pass!

Lakis Ioannou

Although I don't reject the benefits of positive thinking, I strongly believe that actions speak louder than words. As a result, in times of hardship I'd rather take positive actions rather than dream about my best self or the best outcome in a difficult situation.


Lakis, it's not always easy to find solutions to problems through actions. What if you're fired, you are running out of money, you can't pay the bills and your significant other gives up on you? In such situations, thinking positive is soothing, relaxing and, in the long run, you have a clearer mind to deal with difficulties and find solutions - if there are any. And if you can't figure out a solution, at least you can look forward to better days. To me this is very important. It's the essence of happiness.

Lakis Ioannou

There's always a solution to a problem, Christina. In the example you mention, you can start cutting down on minor expenses and look for a new job. Despite the severe crisis in Greece and Cyprus, people are still willing to hire competent staff. What I mean to say is this: while thinking positive, do something!

Lakis Ioannou

The essence of happiness , by the way, lies in the action we take to improve. Fair enough, think positive, dream of a better life - that's good - but at the same time see what you can do to get over difficulties. Real happiness depends on your actions.

Katie White

Those who fantasise about a wonderful life are ill-prepared for setbacks, or become reluctant to put in the effort required to achieve their goal. Either way, the message is clear – imagining the perfect you is not good for your life.

Constantinos T

To my mind,positive thinking leads to positive action. Without positive thinking how can there be any positive action at all?

Constantinos T

Positive thinking has helped me realize that life is worth living despite difficulties or problems. After all, it's through difficulties and problems that we can really appreciate happiness. Great post, Anastasia!


When I think positive , I honestly don't imagine the perfect me for one simple reason: only God is perfect. Thinking positive doesn't mean ignoring setbacks. It means considering setbacks positively...seeing the best instead of the worst has helped me face a lot of difficulties effectively.


I believe that positive thinking is a prerequisite for positive action.

Alexia M

I think positive.... hence I exist! Few things in the world are more powerful than a positive push. A smile. A world of optimism and hope. A 'you can do it' when things are tough. Believe me, this does not belong to the sphere of the imaginary. It is real and it's a booster!

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