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November 10, 2013



We have a Proverbs which says Between October and November is another summer..We are still on October Thursday will be the starting of November acording to the Eastern Calender.
We might see rain soon but the end of December till March we will have lot of rain and a very cold weather.Putting in mind that February will be a bit sunny.
Wish you all the best of luck and the goodness of life.God Bless.

Kofla Olivieri

Count your blessings, we are freezing here in Philly!


I think we are very lucky to enjoy sunny and warm days in November. I also like this kind of weather but I really hope we get some colder weather for Christmas!


Lucky you! I'm so jealous! Right now it's 2:00 pm in Quebec and it's got -4 C !!!


We've had practically great sunny days till end October. We got temps rising to 26 C. Now it's a bit colder - 18C and we've had some showers as well here in Athens. I wish summer never ended!


We are about 8,018 km apart, yet here in San Diego, California, we share , more or less, the same weather! Great sunny days, blue skies and right now, at 11:45 pm, it's 24 Celcius. I'm going to organize a great BBQ on the beach for Thanksgiving!

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