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July 16, 2013



I've been to Chalkidiki many times and really love its beaches. I think the second leg is the best. I love Elies beach most. That's where I spent some of the greatest summer vacations in my life. Your wonderful post reminded me of those holidays which I am not likely ever to forget.

Constantinos T

I am glad to see that you reconsidered your decision not to go back to Chalkidiki. After all, it looks like you and Alkis had a great holiday. Although I am addicted to the island of Sifnos in the summer, I also love spending a few days in Sithonia. Have you been to Amouliani, by the way? It's a small island across Ouranoupolis. There are only about 200 families living there permanently and it's got some of Greece's finest beaches.

Jean-Paul Bouvier

Je ne connais pas cet endroit mais d'après ton récit et tes photos, ça doit être un petit paradis sur terre!


No, I haven't been to Amouliani but I saw the island while sailing to Mount Athos on board Menia Maria. I hope to visit some day.


J'ai adoré Sithonia, Chalkidiki. C'est vraiment un petit paradis sur terre et ça vaut la peine d'y passer des vacances. La plage, la mer, la nature sont magnifiques.


I don't think I'll ever forget this holiday in Chalkidiki. It's changed completely my bad impression of the area and I will certainly go back some day.

Alexia M

Anastasia, I can fully understand why you didn't want to go back to Chalkidiki after all your misfortunes the first time. My boss says I am an expert at planning the perfect holiday for our clients, but sometimes the perfect holiday doesn't seem to work. I've only been to Chalkidiki as a tour operator, so it was too much work and no play. I wish I could take a vacation in the summer so that I could spend a few days in Sithonia, which is the best of the three peninsulas. Chalkidiki is dead in November when I plan my vacation. Most hotels are closed and the weather is mostly lousy.

Alexia M

By the way, I would like to ask for permission (once more!!) to use some of your great photos in my brochures. They're amazing! I so loved the ones of Trani Ammoudia and the seagulls. As always I will include a link to your blog.


Alexia you can have as many photos as you like. I'll email a few to you in high resolution.
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Alexia M

Thank you so much for the photos. They are great! I'll send you a copy of my brochures for summer 2014 as soon as it is published. Here in Amsterdam it's as hot as hell. We got 30 C today!!! When I lived in Cyprus 30 C was cool enough or pleasantly warm but here it's suffocating! Oh how I wish I was lying on that gorgeous beach of Trani Ammoudia!!! AND I don't have air condition in my apartment!


It certainly looks like you and Alkis had a great holiday. I'm looking forward to going there soon. I love all your photos. They are so beautiful!!!

Lisa A

I have never before heared of this place in Greece. I go to Greecefor my summer vacations for 6 years but I go to Ionian islands which they are near Italy. Next month we go to Kefalonia and I remebered when you wrote about your vacation there and read it again which it was very helpfull. But now I will plan a holiday in Chalkidiki for next summer. It looks so beutifull!!!Thank you for all the great pics!

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