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July 22, 2013



As I live on my own I don't usually cook, butI really enjoy cooking for my friends. I like simple and easy recipes like yours. My mom also loves cooking pork kokkinisto for the family on a Sunday. It's a bit different from yours and much more complicated to make but it's delicious! In addition to the pork fillet, she uses leeks, mushrooms, green & yellow peppers and sweet red wine (samiotiko or mavrodaphni)

Alexia M

Being vegetarian, I like your salad best. Fresh coriander? I'll look for it in Amsterdam.

Jean-Paul Bouvier

Quel délice!!!


That will be for diner after tomorrow .I will pick the pork fillet tomorrow after noon. Pork is very good it's fat is apart of the lean meat,It is counted as white meat. I will cook it at night so will have it the other day as I use to do. I cook pork in clay pot with a high top cover very low fire.
The salad is very good it matches the dish.God Bless.
N B .Dear Alexia I will ask you kindly to use the same recipe cooking butter beans insted of pork.Please tell us the result.God Bless.


I think Alkis would love your mum's kokkinisto. He really loves mushrooms, leeks and peppers.


In Cyprus, we use fresh coriander a lot in salads. It looks like parsley but its leaves are bigger and thicker. It's also very aromatic! You either love it or hate it!


Je t'assure, Jean-Paul, c'est vraiment délicieux!


A clay pot is ideal as slow cooking is important for this dish. Unfortunately, I haven't got one. Butter beans? Are they the same as the big, dry beans?


Your pork looks delicious and I love your recipe. I am going to cook it tomorrow for lunch. Hope CH and the boys will love it.

Constantinos T

I wish I could have a bite. It must be delicious!

Lisa A

Buona sera Anastasia. I love your recipe. I will try it but maybe I can serve it with pasta?


Sounds great for lunch or dinner. I usually make pork fillet in mushroom sauce which is not so healthy because of the fresh cream and butter. I'll give your recipe a try.

Haruko N

This dish looks great. In Japan, however, we cook pork differently. Breaded Pork in Miso sauce is my favorite. Here's the recipe.


When I read your Greek recipes, I miss home so much! I remember my grandma in Thrace preparing her very special kokkinisto for us and she still does, you know, when I go back home on vacation. In Quebec, there are some Greek restaurants but there's nothing like homemade cooking. I guess I must learn how to cook. I think I will try your recipe as it sounds easy hoping that hubby will eat it! :-)


Hope you all had a great lunch.


It's by far one of my most favourite dishes although I rarely eat meat except for poultry. It is delicious. Slow cooking is the secret of success.


I don't like mushrooms but, sometimes, I cook it for Alkis who loves pork fillet with mushrooms and fresh cream.


Haruko, thank you for the link. I'd love to try breaded pork in miso sauce. I once had it in a Japanese restaurant and loved it.


Karolina, this is, indeed, a very easy and simple recipe. I'm sure your husband will love it.

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