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June 08, 2013



At home, I cook healthily from Monday to Friday. Grilled fish or chicken, lots of salads, baked vegetables and fruit, legumes twice a week. My kids are now beginning to like my cooking even though I still need to get them eat legumes. At least they love lentils which I cook with olive oils and onions.Saturday is a free day for everyone and on Sundays it's the traditional Cypriot barbecue (souvla) which is also quite healthy in moderation.


I try as much as I can to eat healthily but when I'm tiredd or too lazy to cook I give in to fast food like pizza, donuts or burgers :-)

Alexia M

I am about to fix dinner and your photos look so yummy for a vegetarian like myself - especially your salads and grilled vegetables. Do you just grill the vegetables and then add the yogurt?


I find that lots of healthy foods can be very tasty like your salads and green beans in your photos. I love green beans in tomato sauce! I also think that grilled fish and meat are delicious. Personally I tend to boil, bake or grill rather than fry and I use mostly olive oil in moderation instead of butter or fatty oils for example.


You're right about souvla. In moderation it's much healthier than meats with sauces for instance. My favourite is chicken souvla as I rarely eat red meat.


So do I occasionally. I guess it's all right to have some pizza or a burger in a hot bun with chips once in a while.


I'm sure you'll love my vegetable salad - it's quite filling, actually. Here's the recipe:


I only use olive oil in my cooking with very rare exceptions, such as french fries.


Green beans in tomato sauce sounds....interesting. :-)

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