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March 25, 2013



Χρόνια πολλά, Αναστασία μου. Τέλειο αφιέρωμα!

Constantinos T

Congratulations on this brilliant tribute. It is above all thanks to our heroes, all those brave men and women, that we can enjoy the privilege to live in a free country now. Their love for their country was the most powerful weapon against a giant: the Ottoman Empire.

Kofla Olivieri

Thank you for the history lesson! Job well done!


I just had a falafel at a greek restaurant and they had a huge greek flag on display, so I am totally in the mood :-)


In these difficult times our country is going through, I didn't feel like celebrating this year, but my heart goes out to all those wonderful heroes who gave their lives for Greece. Thank you for this great tribute.


Thanks for sharing Byron's The Isles of Greece - it's one of my favourite English poems. National celebrations are very important to me as they contribute to preserving our culture and identity.

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