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November 27, 2012



To me, happiness is being able to live life as it is and accepting it, this includes being able to release past memories and regrets. that's why happiness always happens in people who are laid-back which i am not.


Happiness to me is hearing the voice of the man I love. Hearing his laughter and love in his heart for ME.
Happiness is also the kids I teach and seeing the light bulb on on in their head as they finally comprehend what it is I am trying to explain to them.
As time passes, I am more and more aware of how wonderful it is to have and enjoy family and friends and to treasure your health. I am happy I am alive and cancer free, and very close (light at the end of a long tunnel) to being with Mesut!


For me, happiness is above all good health, a good job and a beautiful family.

Constantinos T

I have often wondered how one can find real happiness in life. I have read many books on the pursuit of happiness and visited many sites on the same issue. I certainly got out of them a lot of constructive information. The first step I took towards happiness was to stop thinking negative or feeling self-pity. Here are the 10 steps I took and which led me to happiness:

1. Learn to love yourself as you are with your pluses and minuses.
2. Be confident but not over confident.
3. Be creative. Start a sport , a hobby....
4. Forget your own ego and concentrate on your spiritual self.
5. Dream - dreams often come true. It's up to you to realise them.
6. Greet your neighbours even if you don't like them. This is not hypocricy since wishing anyone a good day will make your day happier too.
7. Don't forget to smile! (at least 20 times a day)
8. Respect others as you would like them to respect you!
9. Have fun! Meet your friends, go out, enjoy yourself!
10. Count your blessings.

And as Alan Chalmers said : The Grand essentials of happiness are: something to do, something to love, and something to hope for. Great post, Anastasia!

Haruko N

Happiness to me is peace of mind above all that makes me believe in myself and in what I can do. It's also focusing on what I have instead of worrying about what I haven't.


I'm happy with the little things I have and cherish, I have reasonable expectations and never expect the moon. In short, it's the simple pleasures in life that make me happy.

Jean-Paul Bouvier

le bonheur pour moi c'est aimer et se sentir aimé, c'est aussi avoir la santé et avoir sa famille et ses amis qui vous soutiennent en permanence. Par exemple, toi Anastasia.


Happiness to me is feeling good with myself, it's learning from my mistakes and wrong choices, it's listening to my favourite music, it's my wonderful family even if we don't get on well all the time - especially with my mother- it's realising my strengths and working on my weaknesses.


Happiness is not about smiling allthe time. It's not about eliminating bad moods, or trading your Tolstoy-inspired nuance and ambivalence toward people and situations for cheery pronouncements devoid of critical judgement. Happiness is an attitude, a lifestyle, and a positive emotion. The obsessive pursuit of happiness often leads to disappointment and unhappiness. Happiness, like anything else in life, needs to be nurtured. Thank you for this wonderful post, Anastasia.


Happiness is a great feeling of self confidence.Since I was young till now the most happy feeling to me,is to feel and see all who are around me or far away from where I am are happy.Feeling happy .I share their happiness with them.
Growing older different feeling will change as I grew up to know more about life.The older I grow may be the wiser I am.Feelings differ .
Now a days happiness to me is to hear from relatives and friends who are away that all is well with them.The most feeling of happiness to me now is talking to my friend in England each day.Reading what you post is always a reason for me to feel happy.God Bless.


(had such a hard time posting a comment -- typepad-trouble maybe?)
Anyway, yes yes yes to this post Anastasia, love it :-)

Lisa A

Yes I agree with you, Anastasia. Happiness is in the small pleasures of life. I am happy to paint, to have a beautiful family and great friends. I am happy to have the blessings of God every day and I feel very happy to teach art to my great kids at the school. Money is also important, they don't make happiness, but we do need them to enjoy a decent life. Great post! I love it!!!

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