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October 14, 2012



In the UK, if a lady should be excused for the bathroom, it is good manners for the gentlemen to stand up as she leaves, sit down again and then stand once more when she arrives.


In India, you must finish all your food to be polite. Cut it up in small pieces as you say in number 11 and move it around your plate is very offending and embarassing for an Indian host. If you eat only a little and leave most food in your plate is also very impolite.

Alexia M

In the Netherlands, when you have finished eating you must place your knife and fork together in the center of your plate, with the prongs of the fork facing upwards.


In the USA, the fork may be used in the left hand while cutting and in the right hand to pick up food. The European style is also acceptable.


Formal dining etiquette is quite complex in Sweden and there are a number of rules that need to be observed if you are to avoid offending your host or other guests. Hands should be kept visible at all times during a meal and not on laps, elbows should be kept well clear of the table. For toasts, the host only is permitted to initiate them and all guests should await the completion of the toast before taking a drink. Men should wait for the women to lower their glasses first before lowering their own and all guests should look others in the eye and nod before setting their glass down. Guests should try a little of everything served at the meal and set their knife and fork down together on the plate when finished. If dining at the house of a local, it's both polite and customary to bring a gift as a token of your appreciation; flowers, wine, chocolates or figurines are all appropriate, candy for the host's children is also a well received gesture

Jean-Paul Bouvier

En France, c'est généralement l’hôtesse qui place ses invités à table, il faut donc attendre qu’elle vous indique votre place. En général, si vous êtes un homme, vous serez placé entre deux femmes, car la maîtresse de maison souhaite alterner les convives de chaque sexe. Les hommes normalement ont le devoir de s’occuper de leur voisine et de faire la conversation avec elle.

Aussi, lorsque l’on quitte ses hôtes, il est bien sûr essentiel de les saluer et de les remercier personnellement. En général, il n’est pas nécessaire de saluer les autres invités avant de partir, mais les circonstances peuvent varier grandement. Dans le cas d’un petit groupe, il est évident que votre départ sera remarqué, il sera alors poli de saluer tout le monde, soit individuellement, soit en s’adressant au groupe. Il est possible aussi qu’un départ entraîne plusieurs autres départs. Les salutations de départ peuvent parfois durer un certain temps chez les Français, il n’est pas rare en effet qu’après les “au revoir” d’usage, la conversation soit relancée à nouveau pour quinze ou vingt minutes. L’idée de “partir” pour les Français est plus un “projet” qu’une intention ferme et déterminée que l’on exécute immédiatement. En bref, un départ trop brusque sera considéré comme anormal et impoli.


I think it's good manners to make polite conversation with the person sitting next to us at the table without being too talkative nor remain silent. Something else that I find very annoying when I am invited to a formal or casual dinner is that some people here in Cyprus talk at the top of their voices. It can be very embarrassing, especially if the dinner takes place in a restaurant.

Lisa A

Buonasera Anastasia. Is my pleasure to add some tips for formal dinner etiquette in my country.

1. At the Italian table, even if is not formal, is very rude to ask for cappuccino after 12 pm. After dinner you can ask for caffé normale or espresso after dinner and if the hostess suggest.

2. Also it is no good manners in Italy to ask for parmigiano to put it on pizza if the hostess offer pizza for starter which it is common. For the Italians is a great sin to ask for parmigiano - I forget the English word. Is the Italian cheese we are put on pasta but never on pizza!

3.You must never sit down or start to eat before the hostess.

4. If your invite to Italian home you must to never arrive late. An italian lady usually will make pasta and risotto for starters or pizza di bufalo and must to be serve immediatly

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