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March 15, 2012



Spring is so magical... those blooming fruit trees make me so happy.


I've lived all my life in Larnaca and have never seen a colder and rainier winter. This time last year my garden was in full bloom!


Brrrr.... it's freezing right now in Lemesos. It's got 9 degrees but feels 4 to me!I've never before had the heating on in March! In Nicosia where I work, it was even colder today. We've also had a lot of rain this week. I can't wait for spring to come, but on the other hand I can't have enough of all this green around!

Lakis Ioannou

There is an almond tree near my house which had its first blossoms in February during the coldest days. Such a beautiful sight and a promise that spring will come soon.

Jean-Paul Bouvier

Le printemps, c'est la saison du renouveau de la nature, du retour des oiseaux migrateurs et du réveil des animaux hibernants. C'est aussi la saison des amours chez les oiseaux et pour tout le monde, une période particulièrement euphorique. Il est bien connu que le soleil agit comme un antidépresseur puissant et son retour contribue donc à nous mettre le moral au beau fixe.

Alexia M

I love those wild flowers of yours! In the Netherlands, we only have tulips to boast about! Don't worry too much about the bad weather. I'm sure the bad weather spell will leave Cyprus soon. Hugs! Have a great weekend ahead.

Constantinos T

Today, in sunny Athens, spring is the air. I hope spring brings better days in Greece. Financially, we've been through a lot recently but hope dies last. Have a great weekend ahead...despite the cold.


In Greek mythology, Phyllis, the queen of Thrace, thinks her lover has abandoned her. Rather than leaving her, he is slow to return from a battle on his way back to Thrace. Despondent over her apparent loss, Phyllis commits suicide. The gods change her into an almond tree. When her lover returns, he embraces the almond tree. It bursts into bloom, a symbol of hope and constancy.


For the outdoor sports enthusiast,there is nothing like the coming of the spring season. For the fisherman, the coming of spring means the first day of trout season. For the avid hiker, spring means that those favorite trails are no longer impassable due to snow, and for the horseback rider spring means being able to take a ride without first bundling up. And of course spring means the opening of baseball season, a joy for spectators and players alike.

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