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February 12, 2012



All the greek dances are for me a way of expression - especially syrtaki and hasapiko. Through them I can express my feelings - love, joy, sadness - and at the same time I relax and forget all about problems and stress.


I love Greek dances and I strongly identify with them. Like many Greek families, mine celebrated all our events with dance. My greatest joy as a child was looking forward to two seasons: spring and summer. In springtime, when sounds of protomayia echo everywhere- the first of May, all of Greece is dressed in a petticoat of red poppies. There are picnics and rituals of gathering wild flowers that date back to ancient times. Some of the most memorable days in my early childhood were the late winter Carnival celebrations before Lent, and the grandest holiday of all—Easter!

As a child, I spent summertime in my grandparents’ village in Crete. Every weekend, various chapels in the nearby villages celebrated a saint’s day with a feast. People gathered under the shade trees preparing foods. My uncles played bouzouki and lyra setting the pace for all to dance. That's how I learned to dance Pendozalis.


For me Greek dancing is entertainment and communication but above all an important part of my national identity as a Greek.


In Northern Greece, Greek dances are part of our culture and tradition. They are also part of our lifestyle today as every single celebration from national holidays to birthdays, christenings, weddings or name days include dancing.

Jean-Paul Bouvier

Belles vidéos!!! J'ai beaucoup aimé.


I like to dance, but I dance is not good. Dancing can make people happy, also is a kind of good art.


Although I am not a good dancer, I enjoy most Greek dances like syrtaki, hasapiko, tsiftendeli and kalamatianos.

Alexia M

When I was living in Cyprus, I had learned to dance syrtaki - at least I tried! I'm afraid I have forgotten most of the steps now! I really loved watching the videos. They brought back many happy memories from your beautiful country.


I loved the music and the dances! Such a great entertainment after a long day at work.

Haruko N

I really enjoyed watching the videos and was very impressed!

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