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January 22, 2012



I don't mind flyers. On the contrary, I enjoy browsing through often discovering new products and special offers.


It's almost lunch time, I've just got up after a late night out, I'm starving and don't feel like cooking. The flyer you have posted here is so tempting. I think I'll have a KFC delivery!! Yes, sometimes ads may influence my behaviour as a consumer.

Constantinos T

The most effective and inexpensive way to advertise and reach a vast audience is through advertising flyers. You can even print them online for free. The average consumer will have at least a brief look at them before throwing them away. Most consumers will keep them for future reference. I've been using flyers to advertise my business and it's proved to be more effective than paying large sums of money to advertise on TV for example.


Yes lots of fliers. I never look at them.


Same thing here, Anastasia. I have also put up a notice saying "no flyers please" but we still get so many!I don't have the time to look at them, so I just throw them away!

Alexia M

Oh yes, I receive lots of flyers in my mail box but they go directly into the bin. I realize the importance of advertising as a way to support financially TV channels, websites, newspapers and magazines - yet too many ads can be frustrating for the consumer. I stopped buying a certain magazine because half of the pages were ads! Unfortunately, some advertisers don't respect the consumer.


Sometimes advertising misinforms instead of informing and that's what I hate most!


I never look at flyers but, I must admit, I'm more receptive to food advertisements when I'm hungry! :-)


Flyers! If there’s one thing that people think that isn’t effective in today’s marketing and advertising landscapes, it’s definitely flyers. People assume that flyers aren’t effective because we’re a digital society now, with everyone focusing on cell phones and other types of mobile technology. We have laptops everywhere and there are more businesses now with free Wi-Fi than ever before. Still, none of that really takes away from the power of flyers.

Why? Well, it’s simple: flyers get straight to the point. You’re either interested in what the flyer has to say or you’re not. Also, the flyer can go into the “real world” where regular people are interested in buying real things. You have to keep in mind that not every member of your target market will always have access to the Internet. However, they do have access to the world around them, the world that’s been there before the Internet. So instead of incorporating an Internet-only strategy and missing out on prospects that could very well be interested in what you have to offer, you might as well think about getting flyers.

I have invested a lot advertising my restaurant on the Internet and on Australian TV. My clientele has more than doubled since I started using flyers. To my mind, the bottom line is: People do look at flyers!


I think there are much better ways to advertise than littering people's doorsteps and mail boxes with flyers! I find them very annoying and never read them.

Lisa A

Buonasera Anastasia. Yes, I also get a lot of fliers. Sometimes I have a look, sometimes I am very busy so I just put them in the bin.

Lakis Ioannou

I'm not against flyers as a way of advertising - as said above, it can be an effective method of cheap advertising. Not all companies can afford the huge sums of money required by TV channels in particular to advertise their products. Advertising has never affected my consumer behaviour.

Olga P.

Και εδώ πετάνε άπειρα διαφημιστικά. Συνήθως τα πετάω κι'εγώ! :-)

Katie White

In my area most folks have a newspaper tube for the daily paper. Lots of ppl like carpet cleaners and tree trimmers put brightly colored fliers into those tubes. No probs with that as far as I can tell.

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