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August 31, 2011



Anastasia, I love music also. I used to lie on the floor with headsets on and listen to classical music. I love Rachmaninoff also. I love listening to Beethoven. I just took a set of cds to school to play for the kids while they work. I love also il Divo, Josh Groban, Sarah Brighton, Andre Bocelli. I love all kinds of music but when I drive across the state to see a friend, I play il Divo. My most FAVORITE song, in English and Italian is Unchained Melody by either il Divo or the Righteous Brothers. Mesut played that for me all the time when he was able to be online. Now I listen to it and he is right there with me!!! Time goes by so slowly.......

Jean-Paul Bouvier

Sylva Berthe - Le Tango Des Fauvettes

Lisa A

Paolo Meneguzzi, Ho Bisogno D'Amore


Lady Gaga's The Edge of Glory

Olga P

Pasxalis Terzis- Kane Samata


3 fav songs:
Chuck Berry - Maybellene
The Drifters - Save the last dance for me
Fats Domino - Ain't that a shame


Music is the wine which inspires one to new generative processes, and I am Bacchus who presses out this glorious wine for mankind and makes them spiritually drunken. ~Ludwig van Beethoven. I also love classical music - Beethoven, Bach and Mozart are my favourite composers. I like oldies as well. My most favourite song is Engelbert Humperdinck's Lonely table just for one.


I'm crazy about the soft rock of the 80s. My most favourite song is Tender is the night by Jackson Browne but I also love Haroula and Parios!


Music makes me tick! I listen to all kinds of music: pop, rock, rap, soul but I love greek music most. My favorite song is Hadjiyianni's Heria Psila.


I greatly enjoyed watching the videos you've posted. I saw Jonathan Livingston years ago and loved it not only for the music but also for its brilliant photography. So, Be is one of my favourite songs but the one I listen to all the time is Haroula's To Tango tis Nefelis. I love Haroula Alexiou and have almost all her CDs and a small collection of the vinyl records. Ola Se Thimizoun is yet another song by Haroula that I enjoy very much. To me she is the greatest voice Greece has ever known.

Alexia M

Well, I can go from Dutch folk / pop/ rap to hard rock (Iron Maiden) and from there to greek music:-) I know Sakis Rouvas and Anna Vissi! I love them both, especially Rouvas Shake it and Anna's Everything I am. I love French oldies as well - Mireille Mathieu and her Acropolis Adieu is a favorite, also Sylvie Vartan and her Nicolas. Hmmm...most favorite song right now? Lady Gaga's You and I. As you can see, I am a music freak!!!

Haruko N

How to love (Lil Wayne) - an amazing song! My second favorite is I wanna go (Britney Spears)


*** Faith, I've still got the CDs you sent me of American folk music. I play them all the time!

*** Jim, Engelbert Humperdinck happens to be my second favourite singer after Neil Diamond. I love Lonely Table Just for One!!

*** Alexia, I listen to a lot of French songs as well (mostly oldies): Sylvie Vartan, Michel Sardou, Jacques Brel, Adamo, Charles Aznavour.


Phil Collins once said: "The world is in your hands now, use it!" He was Genesis' drummer and primary backup vocalist until 1975 when he became lead vocalist. I love all the songs of his album: "No Jacket Required."


Life without music is like food without flavor.


I play the guitar for pleasure and can't imagine my life without music. I love the acoustic guitarists of the 70s, especially Deep Purple's Smoke on the water.


Music is very important part in our life, she will give us infinite pleasure and sympathy. Different styles of music to make our world more colorful.


Great post! You already know how important music is to me and my family : ) I enjoyed all the videos-and I've always liked Neil Diamond!


I can hear hours on end Feel so Close (Calvin Harris) and Moves like jagger (Maroon)

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