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August 30, 2011



Blimey Anastasia! Sorry I can't help a smile :-) Now, seriously,the best way to make sure you get a machine that will have a long life span (5-7 years) is consult with a local system builder. They will be able to outfit your machine with quality components with execellent life cycles. With a good foundation of hardware components, you'll be able to keep your investment going strong for many years to come. The last desktop that I bought was in 2003. I also bought multifunction printer at the same time. I still use both of them to this day. But I'm impressed with your 15-year-old desktop! What make is it? Dell is an excellent choice.


I love your sense of humour and your positive outlook on all sorts of problems and life in general. A positive outlook causes positive things to happen. I had to change my desktop 3 years after I had purchased it. I've got a Gateway now and I'm very pleased.

Olga P

Ενός κακού μύρια έπονται!:-)


Ha ha! I didn't know computers can breathe! Your dad was right. It's no use worrying about the loss of material things. They can be replaced sooner or later. I have a Sony desktop and love it. It's 3 years old, fast and efficient and , of course, it obeys me! :-) Good luck with your PC purchase.


15-year-old PCs are like teenagers: moody! :-)


LOL @ Constantino's comment :-D

I only buy Apple products but heard that Dell is really good.

Haruko N

According to my experience in IT technology, I would say that 2-3 years would be typical for a PC.Even if the machine is still working at the end of 3 years, the software and OS upgrades will have slowed it down to a crawl. I find it really amazing that your old PC run well for 15 years!!


I change my pc every 3 years in order to keep up to date with current games :-) and I'm now on my 5th HP. By the way,I love all HP products. Like you, I started with W95 in 1997, then W98, XP and now Vista.


My old PC at work is or... was (!) a good old Siemens. In the last 3 years or so, it still ran well, although it was a bit slow.


Oh how exciting! It'll be interesting to see if the new computers are faster-and if you like them better after getting used to them.

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