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July 03, 2011



Great post! You are so right in today's world so much emphasis is placed on our physical body that even teenagers feel pressured to go under the knife for perfection. I'm with you-I would feel comfortable having surgery to correct a deformity-but not unless it was something major. I do have 3 close friends who have all had cosmetic enhancing surgery though.


If I could afford it and felt uncomfortable with a certain part of my body, yes I would consider cosmetic surgery. But I am very much against teenagers having cosmetic surgery to remodel undesirable areas of their body. There are so many other ways for parents to help their children regain their self-esteem.


Beauty is subjective. What is beautiful to me might be ugly to someone else. So yes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. My ex wife had cosmetic surgery before she was forty. The surgery was successful and she was very pleased with the results but I thought she was more attractive before the surgery. What's important to me is the beauty of the soul. If you are beautiful inside, it will reflect on the physical appearence as well.


I'd hesitate a lot to undergo cosmetic surgery firstly because it's very expensive and secondly you never know what the final outcome will be until after the recovery period which is often quite lengthy.

Alexia M

Two years ago, I considered liposuction but changed my mind when I realised that it could go wrong and cause more problems. In the Netherlands a lot of teenagers encouraged by their parents have plastic surgery to correct parts of their body they don't like. Now I think this is wrong because their body is still developing. I believe that teenagers should be encouraged to take up sports and follow a healthy diet if they want to be healthy and improve their body.

Account Deleted

I believe that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and that we should embrace aging. But I won't say No to cosmetic surgery. I will definitely want to have my eyes Botox because right now , my eyes are sagging and in later years, could give me a sad look.
I am seriously considering Botox on my face ---but only at the smile lines and eyes--something minimal , not to the extent that my face won't move.
Having these cosmetic surgeries usually make a woman feel more confident about themselves. If you don't like what you see in the mirror, how can you display confidence outside that mirror?

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