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June 08, 2011


Bobbin Talk

Ohh yes!! The summer vacation! I'm finished with all grading and am officially on vacation!! You look so happy on the beach!!
I should be heading to the Black Sea next month and cannot wait to soak up the sun and fresh air!
Wishing you an amazing vacation this year!!


After a few hectic months working hard here in Los Angeles, I look forward to a couple of weeks back home. I'm planning a holiday in Scotland or Wales regardless of the weather!

Haruko N

I will certainly never forget my vacation in Greece a few years ago. I was 17 then and travelled with my parents and brothers. We spent 4 days in Athens and 1 week in Corfu. We had a great time. My ideal vacation is somewhere sunny, a beautiful sandy beach and a nice hotel. Thanks for sharing these lovely photos of your holidays.


I'm glad you and your students have had a good school year. I'm with you-I think the beach is the perfect summer break vacation : )


I love the Greek islands and have been to many of them, but in the summer I prefer far-away and exotic places like Brazil, Mexico, the Maldives, Saint Mauricius, Poukhet. These are some of my favourite destinations. When on holiday abroad I love doing a lot of sightseeing.


Thank you, Aneta, same to you. My summer holiday in Kefalonia was one of the best I've ever had. The island is packed with natural beauties and great beaches.


I've never been to Scotland or Wales, Jim, but I hear you've got some truly amazing scenery over there!


Haruko, I lived and worked in Corfu in 1983 and really fell in love with the island. My favourite beach there is Paliokastritsa and Dasia.


Tipper, Alkis used to love holidays in the mountain and, in the past, we often spent a few days in Troodos or Platres - the mountaineous area in Cyprus. Now, he loves the beach as much as I do! :-) Happy Summer to you and your family.


I must admit, Stefania, that I'd love to visit such far-away and exotic places if only I got over my fear of flying. I also enjoy sightseeing for a day or two but I mostly love swimming and lying on a sandy beach.

Alexia M

I never take a vacation in the summer because I am busy planning other people's holidays and making sure they have a great time at their destination. In November I have a few weeks off work which I usually spend with friends and family in Holland and sometimes I plan the...perfect holiday for myself! :-) This is usually Venezuela's Margarita Islands, Mauritius, Seychelles or Kuranda. Last November I went to Queensland's Kuranda - I have friends there- and had a great time! Enjoy your summer break and get a good rest because you deserve it after all the hard work!

Account Deleted

Sounds like a great vacation plan...I would love to go to Greece. Its history enchants me.For me, summer means going outdoors----parks, beaches, and resorts. This summer (US summer), my husband and I will go to the Philippines. Its his summer vacation, while I'm back for school.


I can't think of a better summer destination than the greek islands. My favourite is Sifnos where I always spend a few days in August. The locals are very friendly and hospitable,they make you feel you are one of them. Galaxidi is another favourite destination.


Being married to a pilot for 20 years, believe me, the plane is the safest means of transport. In the past, I used to worry a lot every time my husband was on a flight. But once we had a good talk about safety on board, I feel more relaxed and reassured.

Lakis Ioannou

Great photos! Apart from a great teacher, I think you are a very talented photographer as well! I don't really like beaches or lying in the sun with tons of sunscreen lotion on my body! So, the ideal summer holiday for me is high up on the mountains of Troodos where I can breathe fresh air, go hiking, explore nature through the many nature trails. Besides, it's never too hot! I love to visit the Greek islands in early spring when they are not yet packed with tourists. I can then enjoy the peace and quiet. I usually rent a car and explore the island. I am also interested in learning about their customs and traditions, so the best way to learn is by mixing with the islanders who are always very friendly and helpful, and willing to answer questions on the history of their island. Serifos, Naxos, Lefkada and Ithaca are some of the islands I visited and loved most.


Thassos is my most favorite summer destination. For me, it's one of the most beautiful islands. First because it's so calm and peaceful with so much green and pine woods which often reach down to amazing sandy bays. Then, it's got some really unspoilt and secluded beaches you can only reach by boat. Other islands I love are Samothraki in my area, Andros and Alonisos.

Jean-Paul Bouvier

J'adore les îles grecques! J'ai déjà été à Santorini, à Rhodes et à Crète et j'espère visiter Chypre un jour!


What a lovely summery post! Your photos of the greek isles prompt you to visit. Unfortunately, we can't afford a holiday abroad this year but we are going to spend a couple of weeks in Yorkshire.


Although I love travelling abroad when I can afford it, I can't imagine spending a summer vacation in another country. Greece is filled with natural beauties which I enjoy most in the summer. Lying on a sandy beach, sipping my frape and gazing at the incredibly blue waters of the Aegean - that's the ideal summer vacation for me.


I'm well aware that the plane is probably the safest means of transport, or so I am told, yet I am completely unable to control my fear of flying. I'm working hard on it, though.


Oh yes! I really need a good rest! I know how busy summer is for you but I'm sure you will enjoy your holiday in November in one of those exotic places you mention.


I'm sure you will have some time off school and enjoy the beautiful beaches of your country. By the way, what's the weather like there at this time of year?


Right after Easter, Alkis and I tried to book a holiday in Sifnos for July but the hotels we really liked had already been fully booked. I hope we'll be luckier next summer!


I agree Lakis. It's amazing what you can learn about the history, customs and traditions of a greek island just by chatting to the locals. Alkis used to like mountains a lot but it's been a few years now that he enjoys beach holidays most.


When we first visited Alexandroupolis in 2007, we wanted to go to Samothraki as well but we hadn't booked a hotel in advance and everything was full. On our second visit last summer, we had so many other things to do like visiting museums and the book exhibition, exploring Dadia and enjoying the beach and the sea that we didn't have any days left for Samothraki. I love Thrace so much and hope that on our third visit we'll visit Samothraki!


ça sera un réel plaisir d'accueillir ta famille et toi à Chypre - j'espère bientôt :-)


Enjoy your holiday in Yorkshire, Laura.


....and then in the evening, dinner at one of those lovely tavernas by the seaside enjoying local cuisine and a glass of ouzo. Like you, Christina, in the summer I can only relax on a greek island and occasionally in mainland Greece.


We always go to a greek island in the summer. Last year we took a cruise for a week and had a great time.

Marilou Kyriacou

I live in England so in the summer I look forward to spending a long holiday in Cyprus visiting friends and relatives, doing water sports and having fun on the beach.

Faith's Thoughts and Dreams

My ideal summer would be to spend it with Mesut in Turkey and explore the countryside. However, this summer is dedicated to short local travel, and healing my back. Mesut is disappointed, as I am, but as he says, I have to "guard my heatly" (health). I need to have my back in good working order before another school year happens. I do not want my kids to feel they have to take care of me when I have a hard time being mobile. Enjoy your summer and relax. One summer, I will get to Cyprus.... hopefully!


I can't wait to welcome you to Cyprus one day, Faith! Mesut is right. Health comes first. Take good care of yourself and enjoy your summer break.

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