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June 22, 2011


Alexia M

In Protaras, I spent the best holiday ever! I loved the golden beaches and that incredibly blue water of the sea. Because of my work, I have been almost everywhere in the world, but Protaras has a special place in my heart. It is unique!

Bobbin Talk

Sounds amazing!!! I cannot wait to get to the beach too.
I'm headed to Varna, Bulgaria next month. I'll have to take some photos on the beaches there and share them.

Account Deleted

I can see you love white sand beaches.The Philippines boasts of thousands of white sand beach coastlines. And I bet you will love our beaches too.
One day, I'd go to Cyprus, and visit this place...sounds exciting.

Marilou Kyriacou

It's been years I haven't been to Protaras. We usually spend our summer holidays in Paphos where I come from. But after reading your post, I think we'll make time to visit Protaras this summer. I guess it must have changed a lot since the last time we visited back in the 90s.


There are some great beaches in Lemesos - one of the best is near to my house - but I agree that the beaches of Protaras are unique. We are planning a weekend there next month.

Jean-Paul Bouvier

Ma soeur Aline, je pense que tu la connais, a passé 2 semaines de vacances à Protaras l'été dernier. Elle en était ravie et je crois qu'elle n'oubliera jamais ses vacances à Chypre. Quant à ma nièce qui vient d'avoir 5 ans, elle ne voulait pas sortir de l'eau!!


Εχω ακούσει τόσα πολλά για τη Μεγαλόνησο που εύχομαι, μια μέρα, να γνωρίσω και από κοντά τις ομορφιές της.


This is a helluva place to spend a summer vacation! I follow the foot prints but the ocean fades them away...


My parents were forced by the Turkish troops to leave their homeland Ammochostos in August 1974 and were among the 200,000 or so refugees in their own country. My mother who was 6 months pregnant to my eldest sister was violently beaten up by the Turks before leaving our hometown ...for no reason at all and despite my father begging them to stop because she was pregnant! I was born in Limassol 3 years later but I will never forget what my parents went through during the war. And I will never stop missing my hometown which I have never known.


I'm so jealous!! Can't wait to take a few days off work and spend them on a Greek island away from routine, but I'll have to wait till August. Till then, I can do with the beaches in Athens or nearby - Varkisa and Vouliagmeni are my favorite, also Sounio where I love to go on a day off. And maybe one day I can afford a holiday in Protaras which looks truly amazing in your photos!

Lisa A

The school year has finished last week and so now I am also enjoy my summer holidays. We all love Greece very much that we go on holidays to the Greek islands very often and always have a great time. I like the beaches with white sand and hope that we will visit Cipro one day.

Lakis Ioannou

As you know, I'm the mountain type - not very keen on beach holidays. But the Fig Tree Beach in Protaras is possibly the only beach I occasionally enjoy.

Haruko N

First let me tell you how much I love the photos of Proteras. I think I told you before, but I will say it again: you are a very good photographer! Japan is surrounded by ocean, so we have about 1000 beaches. The Hokkaido beaches are the ones I like the best in my country.


Well, I close my eyes and picture myself lying on that gorgeous beach, soaking in the sun, then going fishing and swimming. This is my idea of sheer bliss. By the way, what kind of fish can you find in the area?


As far as I know, you can fish for seabream, seabass, calamari, red mullet and octopus.


Nice to see that you are having fun after all the hard work. Gorgeous photos!!!

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