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June 12, 2011



I remember the awful stalking you had to put up with on yahoo360. I was one of your friends the stalkers contacted threatening me and asking me to delete you from my friends' list. I was shocked at so much hate against you! But they never managed to prevent me from being your friend. Other than these threatening messages I had got then, I haven't been stalked online. You made the right decision, Anastasia. It's always wise not to act impulsively even if it's often hard to avoid it.

Lakis Ioannou

Sugar, you are unique! No one can imitate you or impersonate you online or offline! I'm glad you did the right thing. Closing your FB account would be like abandoning your friends in the first place and secondly giving the impersonators the pleasure of depriving you from your FB. You can rely on online security to a large extent but hardly on online safety. Ignoring stalkers is the best defense.


Christina, I'm glad these people were unable to spoil our friendship. Thank you for believing in me all these years and let me tell you that I'll always feel more blessed than words will ever be able to describe.


Thank you for your kind words, Laki. I'm glad now I did not act on the spur of the moment because I'd have bitterly regretted leaving my FB friends. I also feel online safety is quite relative.


Many stalkers begin to stalk after their partner (romantic or close friendship including online friendship) has ended their relationship, removed them from their friends'list or indicates that he or she intends to end the relationship.They also want to be in a relationship with the victim again or seek revenge on the victim. The stalker's goals may vary, depending on the responses of the victim. So, ignoring them is, truly, the best defense. Many of these people have high levels of personality characteristics such as narcissism, jealousy, feelings of humiliation, over-dependence or poor social skills. A poor social network often results in impersonation.


Thanks for the feedback, Laura. It's much appreciated.


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Faith's Thoughts and Dreams

Anastasia, I, too, am very glad you are remaining on FB. Lakis is correct. You are unique and people want to be like you. I also aspire to be more like you. You are a wonderfully knowledgeable woman. You give to all of us in one way or another; you love your job, your children, your life, and your husband. Who would not want to be like that. You travel and experience life, I want that too!!!!! What the impersonators do not realize is that we would spot them a mile away because the only Anastasia is YOU. I love you. I love your posts, and I am soooooooooo glad you are staying.



I also don't think it's worth giving up the pleasure of online communication because of some really weird people out there.

Alexia M

You can't be 100% safe online, especially in forums and social media sites. Yet I believe that it's wrong to be intimidated by people who seem to be there just to annoy and harass others.


FB recently tripped up when, in an attempt to clamp down on fake accounts, it disabled the profiles of two women who shared the same name as Prince William's wife, Kate Middleton. The profiles were later restored, of course. Your case sounds very similar, so, most probably the social network would like to look into these profiles more closely before bringing an action against them.

Jean-Paul Bouvier

Après le piratage (par deux fois) du Facebook de Nicolas Sarkozy mais aussi de la page de Mark Zuckerberg, PDG de Facebook, je ne me sentirais jamais en sécurité sur ce site web de réseau social.


FB has been criticized heavily lately over their privacy issues so I wouldn't be surprised if they don't act fast. Spam is becoming a major problem on facebook and the best you can do is to ignore that person and make sure they don't have any access to your personal information.

Haruko N

I was stalked online a few years ago for about 7 months. It was a nightmare! My stalker would spam my blog and my email with threatening and offending messages. I decided to block his ip but he would always appear with a new profile posting his hateful comments from different computers. I even reported this person to the polce but they were unable to find him. In the end, I changed my email and the settings of my blog from public to private and let a few good friends know about it. That's how I got rid of him. After this adventure I had, I really dont believe we are safe online.


Faith, thank you so much for your soothing and encouraging words! I'm also glad I did not act on the spur of the moment and leave FB. But you know, I believe we are all unique in one way or another - even identical twins have their own unique personality.


Really? I did not know that the Duchess of Cambridge was in a similar situation. In my case, I find it very unlikely that I share the same name with two other women. My first name is very common in Greece but not my surname. Kate's name and surname are quite common in England,though, aren't they?


J'avais entendu parler du piratage de la page de Mark Zuckerberg mais je ne savais vraiment pas que le FB de Sarkozy a été piraté par 2 fois!!!


Mark, that's exactly what I did hoping that FB's privacy settings are reliable.


Thank you for sharing your experience, Haruko. That must have been terrible for you. I agree that online safety isn't always effective but you can find ways to protect yourself like you did.

Account Deleted

I think you already know my story like yours...I was more stalked and abused online. That person created a fake Blogger profile of me with my photo and name. Good thing she used my online name but she used my photo. I contacted Google for this so they can shut and delete it...according to their Help Section. They asked me to provide my I.D. (2 of them) and so I submitted copies of my ID and passport. That was a year ago. I was confident they will do it since I gave them what they asked me to do. Currently, that fake profile is still there.
That stalker of mine keeps saying I hate her and she was the one who hates me because she was the one who deleted me at FB and banned me from her blog and unfollowed me in all social networks. How could I be hating her because I never hate anybody.
I am pursuing to charge her for libel since she also defamed and spew malice on my name online by writing a blog post maliciously humiliating me. When we warned her to remove the post, she did because we threatened her if she didn't, we'll file charges against her and she can't defend herself back because we have the evidences.
Right now, I'm still contemplating to charge her. Yes she did remove the post but she keeps telling people that I hate her and that I harass her....it's so funny that she is accusing me of things she does to me.
Right now, I'm going to contact Google again in their New York office by providing all my identification and photos through postal mail. Their phone does not have any live person to answer and does not even provide directory to any person or department. It just says, "If you know your party's number, please dial it now." Google is such a giant that it doesn't care about its business and people.


Stalkers and impersonators are sick people and they need professional councelling and treatment. Unfortunately, few of them will accept this. My advice is to keep your cool, secure your privacy settings and , above all, don't allow anyone to spoil your pleasure and enjoyment of online communication. Filakia!!!!


And so is FB, Bing....such a giant that they wouldn't bother about a member from tiny Cyprus reporting impersonation. But when the Duchess of Cambridge reports impersonation, FB takes action immediately and removes the "impersonator's" profiles without even bothering to check them out.

Isn't that an unfair world? At least you live in NY, you can contact Google in their NY offices and even fix an appointment with the manager there and explain in person what happened. What can I do other than depend on FB team reply? If this happened on TypePad, your stalker and my impersonator would be in serious trouble, simply because on TypePad you can talk to real people.

On second thoughts, I decided to stay on FB, ignore the impersonator and ....wait and see. I didn't have the heart to give up on my FB friends.


Despite my frustration, Andreas, I realised that it's not worth giving up on my wonderful FB friends just because of a sick person!

Kofla Olivieri

Sorry to hear it also happened to you. I seriously doubt Facebook would do anything about it. The problem with this type of problems on the internet is that there is no 100% protection. You can have a good friendship go sour and that person (after gathering tons of personal info from you and your page) create a fake profile to harass you. It happened to me and tons of my friends. The internet is a great tool, it is also a playground for the mentally unstable. Good luck getting all the help you need.


Thanks Kofla. I also doubt a lot that FB would do anything about it, especially with the abundance of fake profiles on the site. It's so sad to see that some people on the Internet enjoy harassing others - such a terrible waste of time!

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