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June 05, 2011



Such a pretty kitty-sorry you had to give him up-but sounds like you found a wonderful home for him. Here-it's like it is there-with Dogs being the most popular and Cats coming in a close second.

Lakis Ioannou

I have 2 hunting dogs - german pointers - and a labrador retriever. No room for a cat! My dogs have a good life because we all love them and regard them as members of the family. They don't like dog food but they eat almost everything, so they all feed on leftovers. They are loving and faithful pets and I care for them as I would care for my own children. They are also trained to follow and respect rules. They are not allowrd in the house but each one of them have their own kennel in the garden.


Michel is such a cutie!I understand that it was hard for you to place him in another family, but at least you made sure he would be happy in his new home. I can't understand people giving up on their pets when they've had enough of them. Athens is full of stray dogs whose masters have abandoned them! As for me, I can't imagine my life without Artemis - my dalmatian.

Haruko N

Cats, dogs and goldfish are the most popular pets in Japan. My cat survived the tsunami, so she is good company now. We comfort each other. I take her to the vet regularly and make sure she has her favorite cat food for dinner (chicken or salmon). But from time to time I let her share some of my sushi.

Alexia M

Like in most parts of the world, in the Netherlands cats and dogs are the most common pets. I have a fish called Nero and my wonderful cat Rourou. She is the best cat in the world and I don't know what I would do without her. It's not really hard to take care of her. All she needs is her food, a warm and cosy place to sleep and her regular visits to the vet. When I am away on a trip, my neighbor takes good care of her.


In the photos, Michel looks happy and content. He must have had a good life with you. The theory is that pets are safe and happy with their owners, but is this the whole truth? I'm afraid not always. I had a cat and a dog in the UK which I loved deeply and I still do. I trusted them to my sister when I moved to the USA and I'm glad to hear that they're both very happy. What's beyond me is the way people give up on their pets and abandon them because they are unaware of the responsibilities they have towards their pets.

Marilou Kyriacou

I got Genie from a friend whose cat had given birth to 6 kittens. I got the ginger one. She is now almost 3 years old. We all love her so much and the kids take good care of her. They know now that they have their share of responsibility. Pets make our lives lovelier and prettier and all they ask from us is love and care.


Grizoulis is our lovely grey cat and a member of the family. He is now 5 years old. The boys love him and feel very responsible for him since they found him - Grizoulis was a stray cat in our neighbourhood. He usually eats cat food and loves fish!!! We also had a dog - Ellie - but, unfortunately, about a year ago she was run over by a car and died. It took us all a long time to get over her death. Even Grizoulis who didn't like Ellie very much was sad and was wondering where Ellie was. We still miss her a lot, you know.

Account Deleted

I'm really not sure about the most popular pets in the US, but I think it's dogs. Also in the Philippines, it is a dog. We used to have a cat, but because he is an outdoor cat, he drove us nuts. And when we moved, we finally got rid of him because the condo building we are residing in right now, prohibits pets. So we gave our cat to my mother-in-law.
I really would like to have a dog. I used to have a dog back in the Philippines, and she would wag her tail every time I come home. It's like all the stress and tiredness got lifted off from my back and shoulders whenever I see her and whenever she jumps on me to cuddle with me.
Just recently, while I was in the Philippines a few months ago, there was a stray cat and my brother picked it and fed it. But when our dog came , the cat left being so scared of our new dog.


I've got 2 beautiful dogs - Melina the beagle is 5 years old, she is very intelligent and playful, and other than dog food she loves to eat souvlaki. Nefeli - a fine labrador retriever - is our guardian angel. She loves to play with Melina and her favourite food is ham and chicken. To be honest, I don't like cats at all! They may be cute but often ungrateful.


Ohhh! Michel is so beautiful! He looks so happy in his basket. Well, my garden looks more like a small, private zoo. We have 2 dogs (a spaniel and a pekinese), 2 cats, 3 turtles and recently 2 rabbits and a ..goat! My kids are great animal lovers and really look after all our pets.


Curiosity didn't kill the cat. It simply makes life more interesting. There is always something new to explore, some new adventure around the corner. Cats can be quite inspiring. Even when afraid, they will venture into the unknown. They trust their instincts and know that if anything goes wrong, you'll be there for them. Cats will not hesitate to follow you either. Go for a walk and if they do not already have an important nap scheduled, they'll be right by your side seeing what they can get into. Being around a cat will encourage you to be a little curious sometimes. You never know what you might find. That's why I love my two beautiful cats.


I love the way Michel sits at the table. He looks well behaved and is so cute. I don't have a pet but would really like to have a dog one day. But at the moment, I am so busy with work that I am not home for most of the day and would be difficult to take good care of a pet.


Christina, although I love my two dogs I hope that I will own a third one soon - a dalmatian. To me, it's one of the finest dog breeds.

Faith's Thoughts and Dreams

About 8 yrs ago, a friend found a red long haired Persian cat on her door stoop. She already had a house full of cats so she called me. I went to see this cat and was amazed. She was so matted up and hungry and crawling with fleas. I took her to the vet to be cleaned up. I thought she was a young, pregnant cat but as it turned out, she was an old saggy baggy cat. She was approximately 11 yrs old, had 3 teeth,was deaf and declawed. She had "abandonment issues". We surmise that she was well cared for but her owners either passed away or moved. Anyway, She would stay in my bedroom because we had 2 dogs and 2 other cats living at the house. Because she was deaf and could not defend herself, we decided she should remain sequestered in my room. At night she would get up on the bed, and if I was sleeping, she would walk onto my chest and stare at me until I woke up. She wanted the reassurance that someone was with her. Yesterday, after about a wk of not wanting to eat or drink, she died. I will miss her but she was old and it was her time.

In the past 1 1/2 yrs, our 2 dogs (both 15 yrs old) died about 6 months apart and we lost another cat who was about 18 or 19 yrs. old. My roommate had her since she was about 4 wks old. We are now left with 2 13 yr old twin cats. When their time comes, I want no more animals. My roommate wants 2 more dogs. By that time, I will be retired, and hopefully, on my way to Turkey.... and she can have the 2 dogs. As for me, as much as I love animals, I want no more in my home. I am getting holder and have my own health issues. BUT I will miss not having them.


I understand you, Faith. I also missed Michel when I agreed to give him to another family. But Alkis' feelings were more important. I would like to have another pet - a dog for instance - but I live in a flat and during the school year I leave home at 9 am and come back at 9pm and so does Alkis. So I think it would be cruel to get another pet if we can't have the time to take good care of it. My mum hasn't had any other pet since her beloved labrador died at age 18.

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