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April 25, 2011



make-up, cosmetics and clothes. i love your shoes, by the way!!!


When I pay the bills, if I have any extra money left, I'll spend it on books and chinaware.


Buying music from the Internet for my i-pod and gifts for friends and family.


Being an economist, I can manage my personal budget fairly well always taking care not to spend more than what I earn. When I can afford it, I like investing in fishing equipment. I recently purchased a small fishing boat I got at a very good price.

Lakis Ioannou

Mostly on my children's education and occasionally on books and CDs,


Your shoes and dress are gorgeous, Anastasia. You must tell me where you got them from! I spend most of my money on groceries and instalments to pay off my new car.

Alexia M

I'm not really a big spender and, considering the financial crisis, I make sure I save up a part of my salary. But, from time to time, I love shopping around for clothes, accessories, dvds , it depends on the mood! -:)

Lisa A

Paints, brushes,canvas,shoes and cosmetics and sometimes pasta when I dont have time to make it myself at home.


Food and gas, savings and paying down high interest debt.


Books, movies at the cinema, software,jeans, bills and other financial obligations.

Account Deleted

Well, most of the time I have no money....hehehe! But if I do have money, I save it for big projects (like a property) or buy make-up/skincare or shoes. Or sometimes send the money to my folks in the Phils. (they need the money more than I do).
I think we have the same "obsession" ---perfume, bags, shoes and clothes, but I can only buy them occasionally.

Jean-Paul Bouvier

1. Nourriture
2. Essence
3. Credits divers
4. Assurance voiture
5. Resto
6. Sorties
7. Vacances
8. Ciné
9. Grands Crus et fromages
10.Habits, chaussures


Να σου πω, Αναστασία μου. Με δύο δάνεια, σπίτι - αυτοκίνητο,συν σούπερμαρκετ, δεν μου περισσεύουν και πολλά στο τέλος του μήνα. Οταν μπορώ,όμως,ψωνίζω καλλυντικά,ρούχα,παπούτσια και παιχνίδια για τα παιδιά.

Bobbin Talk

Angel by Thierry Mugler is one of my favorites too! :)

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