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March 13, 2011



I can't wait to see the movie! Your premonition gives me chills. Sometimes I'll dream about someone I haven't seen in years-and usually I'll see them within a few days of the dream.

Ted S

I don't believe in premonitions. I simply call them coincidences.


Yeah I had such visions when I was younger but nowadays I rarely trust my gut instincts.


Yes I have. I don't really like it, sometimes the bad ones really get to me. I start thinking about someone just out of the blue, for no reason. And then they call, or I read about them, or hear about them from a friend. Someone I have not seen in 20 years or even thought about. It is a little scary. Loved that film, by the way.


So sorry about your dad. I think it is amazing that you "sensed it".


I have bad feelings about things but not actually premonitions.


The problem is that I have premonitions all the time! Most times nothing happens and I forget all about it. But once while I was at work, I had a very bad feeling about my parents. I couldn't tell anyone about it but I knew I had to go back home. I work far from home, so I told my boss that my mother was ill and could he give me a few days off. He did. It was along journey and when I arrived, my mother told me that she and dad had decided to divorce.


I sometimes have premonitions or bad feelings but I try not to take theme very seriously. I believe that most premonitions are due to our fears about things or our worries about our loved ones. However, if I have a premonition and then nothing bad happens, I feel very relieved. I'll see if I can get that film on DVD - I love thrillers!


There's a dream I'm not likely ever to forget. I was having a romantic, candlelit dinner with my boyfriend - soft music in the background and we both were so happy to share this moment. Then he went into the kitchen to bring the food. When he came back, he was covered with blood. In a panic I called the neighbors for help but by the time I came back into the living room, he had disappeared and there was not even one drop of blood on the floor. I woke up crying, sweating and feeling terrified. We met the next day but I didn't mention the dream as I didn't want to upset him. Two months later, he was involved in a car crash. The doctors said it was a miracle that he survived... After that accident he changed, I often felt he wasn't the man I had loved so much and three months later we broke up.

Alexia M

Three years ago, I had a premonition about my job. I was doing fine and had even got a promotion, so at first I thought I was being just silly. But that feeling wouldn't leave me. Later that day, following a disagreement with the managing director, I had to resign. But I have never regret it because now I feel much happier in my present job.


I've often felt nervous or uneasy because of a bad feeling I couldn't really define but I've never had premonitions about future events. However, I believe that some people can feel or sense things more than others.

Jean-Paul Bouvier

Je pense que nous avons tous des prémonitions, tout le temps. Chaque être humain a une fonction précognitive préinstallée dans la partie du cerveau sous-jacente au cortex conscient. Le tout, c'est de l'accepter pour pouvoir s'en servir. Les sceptiques ne peuvent pas vérifier l'existence ou la non-existence des prémonitions car ils n'y croient pas dès le départ alors leur résistance conscience leur bloque la perception de ces impressions fugaces que certains intuitifs connaissent bien, comme les psychothérapeutes par exemple. Si jamais ils ont un "flash" d'intuition, ils le rejettent.

Lakis Ioannou

Unfortunately no, I've never had visions of future events. I sometimes wish I had, though. I'd be a rich man now! :-) I think that some people have a strong intuition - that's all. I love your new profile photo, by the way. You are much prettier than Sandra Bullock!


Your post takes me back to the Halkidiki fires in Greece, in August 2006. We had planned a holiday there. Three days before leaving, I saw a dream. I was in a very nice hotel, sleeping when the fire alarm went off. The hotel was on fire and if I look out of the window the whole place was on fire. I woke up shaking and told my husband that I didn't want to go on holiday. I told him about my dream but he thought it was just a nightmare. Finally, we were all caught in the fires. And it was a real nightmare. I still can't remember how we got to the airport in Thessaloniki...

Lisa A

Buonasera Anastasia. I think that premonitions are messages sent by our God to warn us about some bad things in our life.

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