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March 25, 2011



Καταπληκτικό αφιέρωμα, Αναστασία. να μας ζήσει η Ελλαδίτσα μας!!!!


Xronia Polla, Anastasia. The greatest quality of the Greeks is precisely their self-denial and self-sacrifice when it comes to defending their country and fighting for freedom. I was very impressed with the parade in Larnaca. Thanks for the great photos and the video.


Την Ελλάδα δεν την σκιάζει φοβέρα καμμιά! Χρόνια Πολλά!

Lakis Ioannou

My daughter was the standard bearer for her school at the parade in Nicosia. Just before the parade, she told me this: "I know I'm half English but I feel very proud of my greek heritage today and very honoured to bear the flag." I was very proud of her too! Xronia Polla and thanks for this great tribute!


Long Live Greece! This is such a great tribute! Xronia Polla, Anastasia mou.


I'm glad to learn that one of my.... illustrious ancestors - George Gordon Byron - contributed to Greece's independence. Many thanks for sharing a part of your history.


Loved the photos and the video! My youngest son marched with the scouts - his first parade ever! We were all so proud of him!

Account Deleted

I had read a lot about the Greek empire and mythology when I was in high school. I'm amazed by its legacy to the world. HOwever, there is one question; how come the parade does not feature Greek historical icons and Greek characters of its history? In my hometown, the anniversary is celebrated with a colorful parade of tribal people dancing on the street, animated geographical features, etc.


On March 25, there's a big military parade taking place in Athens. In other towns and cities, we mostly celebrate with school flag parades and the scouts as a tribute to Greek Independence and a promise that the younger generation will preserve their heritage.


You reminded me of my youth - years ago in Greece I was very proud to carry the flag of the Nation on school parades. In those days, the best of the best of all students was to hold the flag - such a great honor! Thank you for sharing these great photos and the video - it felt as if I was there!


Being too proud of themselves, many young Americans don't know where New York is and only 37% can find Iraq on a map, even though US troops have been there since 2003.
That's sad but what's even sadder is that the USA won't officially admit to that fact! I sometimes wish our kids were half as proud as yours on national days.

Account Deleted

Oh I see, because I am so thrilled everytime I see photos or even illustrations of Greek historical and mythical figures----they contribute and influence the most tremendous impact on art and literature. As I've said I'm simple astounded. I'm sure the March 25 parade is very exciting.


You're absolutely right Bing. Plato and Aristotle, two of the greatest ancient greek philosophers influenced to a great extent modern literature - T.S.Eliot, for instance, and many others. The great tragedians Sofocles, Aeschylus and Euripides provided the basic plot of most of Racine's plays.

The parade in Larnaca was one of the best I've ever been to. It was very well organised, the kids were disciplined and hardly made mistakes. Of course, I was also very proud of my students!


Congratulations on your son's performance at the parade, Stefania. He was just perfect!


Να μας ζήσει, Καρολίνα μου και του χρόνου με υγεία να ξαναγιορτάσουμε.


I'm sure your daughter is aware of both her English and greek heritage and honours both of them. I can imagine your glow of pride when you watched her leading the parade.


Lord Byron was one of the greatest figures of the Greek Revolution and Greece owes him a lot.


Still today, the flag bearers during parades on national days are the students who have excelled at high school in all areas of studies. Thank you for stopping by.


Most of our kids are aware of their heritage from an early age and are proud of it, however there are still some who couldn't care less and don't even know what we celebrate on national days.


Thank you, Christina! Hope you're enjoying the long weekend.


Actually, it was one of the best parades I've been to lately. All the kids were wonderful and so beautiful in their uniforms.


Σωστά Σοφία. Οι Ελληνες είναι παλληκάρια παρά τα προβλήματα που μπορεί να έχουν κατά καιρούς.

Jean-Paul Bouvier

Merci d'avoir partgé une partie de l'histoire grecque. Le défilé est super! Y a-t-il aussi un défilé militaire?


Il y a un grand défilé militaire à Athènes et je pense aussi à Thessaloniki.

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