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November 16, 2010



I am glad you are NOT sick. I tend to have a very runny nose much of the time and sneezing episodes. I can eat something and all of a sudden, be totally congested and having a hard time breathing. I take vitamin C (not all the time) something called EmergenC.

I know what you mean about missing Lakis. I also miss Mesut. When we are together (online or in person) all I do is chatter, trying to "get him up to speed" about all that has been going on in my life here in the States. Can't wait to be with him (so I don't talk so much all the time we are together). LOL


I think the online family doctor might be right. No sore throat, no cough, no fever,and .... feeling like eating vanilla fudge, well it sounds like an allergy to me. So you'd better follow Alkis' advice and see a doctor. Vitamine C and green tea will do you good anyway. Take care.


I spent the whole weekend in bed suffering from a bad cold - sore throat, cough, earache, a terrible headache. I face it with Dolvan, vitamine C, lots of tea and homemade chicken soup. I am feeling better today.

Account Deleted

When i was young i had sinusitis, meaning runny nose every morning, but as i grow older it lessens. I guess i'm free from that already, but i still do have colds especially in a very dusty place.


I hope you are feeling better now, Anastasia. The last time I had a cold - that was last winter- I had to stay in bed for 3 days. But I am beginning to miss winter even if I have a cold!! I miss cold days!

Jean-Paul Bouvier

Moi je souffre du rhume des foins, surtout au printemps, et alors j'ai un nez qui coule sans cesse. J'espère que tu vas beaucoup mieux maintenant. Bon rétablissement et prends bien soin de toi. Bisous.


Good morning, Anastasia, from Sydney Australia. It's 7:10 am here. I'm on a business trip. I'm sure that you and Alkis have a great time together when he comes back from business trips. London is my first love so I'll drop by and see the photos. If I were you, I wouldn't trust the free online family doctor! Take care! I love you!


I haven't been feeling very well either lately. A bit under the weather, I suppose. I agree, Vitamine C is a great energy booster.


In Northern Greece, when someone sneezes we say "ygitses", of course, and a 3-digit number for example 213. We then add up the digits (6) which corresponds to the 6th letter of the alphabet - the greek letter Z. If this is higher than 24 - example number 998 then we add up again - 26 = 2+6 = 8. I like this game. It's fun. When I have a cold, I drink a lot of tea with cinammon and honey in it. It works.


Love the folklore about the sneezes : ) Glad you are feeling better too!

Alexia M

Hi from Singapore. I'm on a business trip here and right now it's 2:55 am. You know what? I sometimes wish I had a husband like Alkis!!! Take good care of yourself. I'm still under the jet-lag effect but I think I need some sleep!

Lisa A

Buonasera Anastasia. I hope you get well soon. abbracia e bacia


Absence makes the heart grow fonder.


Thanks for the second opinion. Both you and the online doctor were right. I took Alkis' advice and saw my doctor. It wasn't a cold but allergic rhinitis I usually suffer from in Spring. But it seems that due to our unusually hot weather, I had it again!

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