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November 23, 2010



The full moon affects me negatively. It makes me feel nervous, I get upset very easily or have headaches.


I like the full moon, especially in the summer - it makes me feel peaceful and romantic.


To be honest, I found your post so intriguing that I have been reading around on the Internet.

The latest lunar research from Leeds University shows that GPs in Britain are likely to see 30,000 more patients than normal in the next few days because of the effect of the full moon on Sunday. The team, which looked at a dozen lunar cycles, found that the number of GP consultations in the UK peaks five to six days after the full moon.

Just what causes the increase is not known, but the results of other studies suggest that just about any medical condition could be responsible for the so-called lunar syndrome. Various studies have so far shown that gout, pseudo-gout, lunacy, alcoholism, epilepsy, menstrual cycles, casualty-unit admissions, road accidents, absenteeism, anxiety, depression, sexual activity, homicides, insomnia and diarrhoea are influenced by the full moon.

It has also been proposed that if the gravitational force of the moon is sufficient to cause the oceans to rise, it may also affect the glands and organs. Some people are affected more than others, it's suggested, because they are borderline cases that are tipped over into ill health every month by the power of the moon.

On Sunday, I was unable to sleep a wink and felt restless throughout the day. Could be because of the full moon!


I'm not affected in any way by the moon, yet I believe that the full moon may affect some people's behaviour or cause them ill health. I love your photo, by the way!

Jean-Paul Bouvier

Belle photo, Anastasia. La lune fascine et intrigue depuis la nuit des temps. Aujourd’hui encore, chacun a entendu dire que la pleine lune peut rendre nerveux, colérique ou mélancolique. Que l’on dort mal ces nuits-là, que les accouchements se multiplient, son influence s’étendrait à la pousse des cheveux, aux plantes et aux animaux…La lune a peut-être une influence, mais nous n’avons ni statistique ni preuve.

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