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October 05, 2010


Alexia M

Amazing art! I remember I had bought some clay pots before leaving Cyprus and brought them home to decorate my appartment. My favourite is a carafe which I use to serve white wine or water. But I didn't know wine was kept in the big jars!


Makes me wish I could come over and dig for old pottery at an excavation site there : ) Great post!


Glad that you post such subjects on the net to let the world know that this part of the world got the oldest history Phoenicians .Specially it gave the world the numbers and the name to EUROPA. We still keep all the Home made wine , olive oil and the Arak(OUZO) in clay Jugs.to keep it away from light and humidity.God Bless.
With all my LOve Walid.

To you Alixa Hello.
If you put water in the Jug just keep it outside over night or f you put it day time in a breath way. you will drink the best cold water ever .Cause evaporation is a process of cooling.God Bless.


I love the jar in your photo. I have 3 similar ones which I use them to grow plants and flowers. I happen to know the man on the video - he is a great potter.


When I was little, I used to spend a part of my summer holidays at my grandmother's cottage in the mountains (Platres). She didn't have a refrigerator, then, and water was served in clay carafes. Funnily enough and despite the summer heat, water was always fresh and cold.


Excavations cast light on the art of old pottery in Cyprus since pre-historic times. Old jars and other ancient clay pots are the property of our Archaeological Museums but I'm glad there are talented potters who can reproduce to some extent this ancient art and make their artwork available to everyone.


I'm so glad to hear that you still preserve old traditions in Lebanon. I tried Arak once at a Lebanese restaurant in Nicosia. It was a bit strong for me but I loved the taste. Yes, it's a bit like ouzo. A bit stronger I think! :-) In most villages of Cyprus, olive oil and homemade wine are still stored in clay jugs or "pytharia". The best wine I've ever tasted was the one I had out of an old jar (pythari) at the village of Omodos.


I've seen them and loved them!! They're a real jewel in your garden - especially the one with the jasmin!

Alexia M

Believe it or not. I served white wine in my clay carafe from Cyprus and 3 hours later it was still pleasantly chilled despite of the central heating. All my friends wanted to know where I had got that carafe from!! :-)

Alexia M

Wow! Thank you, Walid, for this great tip. I will try it but in the winter temps in Amsterdam can go below -10 at night. I hope it doesn't turn to ice.

Phivos Nicolaides

Very good and interesting post. Enjoy your weekend.


I have seen similar pottery in Rhodes and Crete. It's beautiful! Loved the video!

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