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October 28, 2010



Xronia Polla, Anastasia mou. This is a great post and a wonderful tribute to all the Greeks who fought against fascism and nazism. Freedom cannot be earned without struggles and sacrifices. As a Greek I feel very proud of our Nation and the victory of Greece over Mussolini's Italy.


I am ..speechless! I didn't know that 15,000 Greek Cypriots gave their wedding ring for the Greek cause...considering that in those days the wedding ring was sacred for the Greeks. For those people it was a great sacrifice. Union makes the force after all. Xronia Polla!


Xronia Polla!!! What a wonderful tribute! Thank you, Anastasia.

Lakis Ioannou

"Την πατριδα ουκ ελαττω παραδωσω." Long live Greece!


I feel like I've just had a history lesson-I knew none of this-Thank you!!! I know I'll never forget the wedding ring part-so touching.

Kofla Olivieri

Thanks for sharing!


Xronia Polla, Anastasia mou and thank you for this beautiful tribute to one of Greece's brightest moments in its long history. The generation of the 40s proved the world that they were faithful to the heritage left by our ancestors in 1821 - I only wish that our heroes will inspire the younger generation as well.

Lisa A

Buonasera Anastasia. I am Italian but I feel greatfull to anyone who fight against facism and Benito Mussolini - a dictator that made my country feel shame. I am also glad because Italy and Greece are now good neighbors and great friends.


Thank you for a great history lesson. I said it before, I'll repeat it now - I've been learning a lot from you.


We are lucky here in Lebanon schools they teach us the world history.Not Just about Lebanon in fact Lebanon was ruled by many Florine countries.We didn't Gain independent they gave it to us that is why some politicians are still tide to those who gave them what they call independent.
The only Battle attaching the french army to free the politicians that time was done by my Uncle and his men .One went up to the tank and blow himself inside it to stop the other tanks on the bridge to move.
We are lucky as a family our revolution history is very good Lucky also that my uncle was the First man who started a political party which Saadi put it's Principles.
We were lucky as kids cause every night after finishing our home work My Father use to gather is around the wooden stove tell us a story.His story was not about the witch or the wolf it was a History story about Lebanon and other countries.He was Great in history and the way he tels it as a story so we will stuck it in our minds.
Use to tell us about the Phoenicians .The Greek and the Persians who were in the old time the strongest power.
The Greek has a very good history they are the mother and father of democracy started in Athens. The Philosophers are the kings of Knowledge.
The old fighting leaders were great .
I still remember when my father told us how the Persians Fleet was concord by the Greek when the Persians fleet attacked Greece. A very good trick the Greek did there is just a path which they can block with a ship
So they left one ship out of the battle when the Persians fleet wanted to redraw and leave the Greek blocked the path with that ship and they concord the whole Persians fleet.
Wish I can remember the name of the battle or the leaders or at least which year that was very long ago.But as you know the second sixty years is not as good as the second sixty plus all my sickness.
God Bless.
With all my endless Love Walid.


Thank you for sharing an important part of your culture, your history and your family. I didn't know your uncle was the first man to found a political party in Lebanon - thus showing how much he loved his country. As for your father, he certainly taught you a great history lesson aiming at forming national awareness. Concerning Greece and the Persian wars, I think you mean either the battle of Marathon in 490 BC. or the battle of Thermopylae in 480BC. Both Miltiades and Leonidas made us Greeks feel so proud of being Greek.

Phivos Nicolaides

Καλά να θυμόμαστε και προπάντων να διδασκόμαστε.


Συμφωνω απολυτα, Φοιβο. Το κυριοτερο ειναι να διδασκομαστε διοτι η Ιστορια επαναλαμβανεται.

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