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September 08, 2010



I hear you!
I do not enjoy grocery shopping at all. Especially the carrying & putting away part.

Except, i do like farmers markets :-)

Alexia M

I love going grocery shopping at the supermarket!! I always have a shopping list with me and I try to not be carried away by special offers even if, sometimes, if an offer is interesting I will add it to my list! :-)

Lakis Ioannou

Honestly, I can't remember when it was the last time I went to the supermarket. My wife is the one who cooks so she knows what to shop. She also knows where everything is. But when I have a barbecue at home I must visit my friend Costa's butchery and choose the meats! I dont allow anyone to interfere in my barbecues!!!


When shopping in a supermarket, I expect customer service in the checkout line. I want the cashier to concentrate on ringing me out instead of talking to others (!)and be polite of course. I always make a shopping list and shop at off-peak times when it's less crowded.


In the USA you can go to a supermarket almost any time you want. Many are open 24 hours. Like Alkis, I go there after work, between 6-7 pm and that's when my stomach is grumbling! I'm usually a goner when I see all those tasty treats! I want them all! Hugs~ Mark


When I was married, I didn't use to go to the supermarket. But after my divorce I didn't have a choice. I can't say I like supermarkets especially when they're crowded and I have to push the cart in front of me in order to make my way through the aisles! That's a tedious task! I never make shopping lists. I buy the basics since I often eat out or have something delivered.


In these difficult times, there's one area where business is still booming - the supermarkets. But with customers watching their pennies nowadays, supermarkets can't rest of their laurels. In the UK, the "giants" such as Morrison's, Sainsbury's and Tesco are losing customers to smaller guys such as Aldi or Netto. It's not embarrassing anymore to go with a Netto bag, in the old days people would hide it inside a Marks & Spencer bag. :-) American supermarkets aren't very different from the British ones. Whether in the UK or in the USA, I personally prefer the ones with special offers. I want to walk away and say "Wow! I've saved £10 because of buy-one-get-one frees. I also like small shops that are quick to get around.


By the way, oranges rhyme with sporanges!


I usually do the supermarket shopping early on Saturday morning and so I avoid the crowds. Generally, I stick to my shopping list unless I see a new product that I like or some good special offers. I also avoid going to the supermarket when I'm hungry. It's so easy to be carried away by all that array of foods and sweets!

Phivos Nicolaides

Shopping is power!

Jean-Paul Bouvier

J'aime pas trop faire les courses mais parfois je dois aller au supermarché...sinon on bouffe pas!

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