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September 04, 2010



I have a terrible fear of cockroaches,mosquitoes and flies!


I'm not really claustrophobic but I won't take the lift on my own. I don't mind when I'm with other people, though. I guess it's the fear of getting stuck between floors.


I fear being driven. I generally avoid taking a taxi or riding in a car. I don't fear driving myself but I hate it and prefer walking which is good exercise after all or taking the underground.


I suffer from flower fear causing mostly undue anxiety and stress and occasionally panic attacks. I think this is mainly due to the fact that I'm allergic to most flowers. As much as I can, I try to face my fear hoping that I will eventually overcome it. I'm also considering seeing a therapist.

Jean-Paul Bouvier

J'ai parfois peur de vieillir ou d'être malade et ne plus pouvoir faire tant de choses comme du sport par exemple ou, pire, ne plus pouvoir prendre soin de moi ou de ma famille


When I was a child I was afraid of broken dolls. I had a lot of dolls and loved to play with them but if a doll got broken, I started to cry, I couldn't even look at it. I still can't look at a broken doll. My 5-year-old niece came to me with a broken doll not long ago. She said: "Aunty, Marilou is dead. She had an accident." I was terrified! The doll had no eyes and no limbs. I was dizzy, I was in panic and wanted to throw up. I just wish I could understand why I have this fear of broken dolls!

Alexia M

Bees! That's what I fear most and try to keep away from them as much as I can.

Lakis Ioannou

I fear natural disasters because they make me feel completely powerless.


I think some doctors are scary!

Phivos Nicolaides

I think some people are scary more than anything else in our life...


I have two very common fears: spiders and snakes!

Lisa A

Buonasera Anastasia. I havent been online a lot in the summer but now I am glad to be back and read your blog. Well I have the fear of being followed and especially in the night, if I walk alone I think all the time that someone is following me and want to hurt me. I know that this is crazy but I can't help it. So I avoid to walk alone in the street even during the day. If I am with other people I feel more safe.


I never had fears. When I was a child, my friends and my family used to tell me that I was a fearless...tomboy! In my adult life I had the same attitude. Nothing could scare me. When me and my family were caught in the Halkidiki fires in the summer of 2006 while on holiday there and had to evacuate our hotel, I was also the fearless tomboy of my childhood. All that mattered then was to get my children out of that hell. And we made it. We came back to Cyprus safe but since then I have a big fear of fire. I have even refused to report on fires in my job and asked to send someone else. I am glad my boss was very understanding and I still have my job.


I fear the ... unknown. Hugs - Mark


I think we've all got our fears to a greater or lesser degree and thank you for sharing yours. Yet, I believe that it's important to work on them, to face them and eventually try to overcome them, don't you think so? You might say: "Look who's talking!" But I refuse to give in to my fears and do my best to overcome them. For instance, I think I have almost got over my brontophobia, I visit my dentist regularly and ... I don't refuse to fly! I know that many people who have the fear of flying will never take a plane. But I do and I hope that I'll gradually get over that fear. Hope dies last! Is there anything you do to overcome your fears?


I agree with you, Anastasia. We all have fears- it's part of human nature. To understand how to defeat our fear, we must understand its motivation. For example: I know I have a flower fear because I'm allergic to flowers. Fear can paralyze your ability to make decisions. When it happens it's time to survey your options: face your fear and fight it or let it get you down. I decided to fight it and defeat it.


"The most important fact about fears that we should always bear in mind is this: Fear is not a rational response to whatever challenges stare at us in life. And it is all in our mind, within us, and not anything external to us." ~ http://thinksimplenow.com/happiness/how-to-fight-your-fears/


I don't think I'll ever be able to overcome my fear of spiders and snakes. I find them disgusting and scary and even though I can face this fear, there is nothing I can do to fight it...

Jean-Paul Bouvier

Tout simplement, j'essaie de ne pas trop y penser même si je n'ai pas de très bonnes relations avec le temps qui passe.

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