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June 15, 2010


Bobbin Talk

We hit 36 celsius in Varna which is very unusual for this time of the year! But the evenings are soo cool it's divine! I am so happy to spend some time in this part of the world. We should orginize a get together at some point... and maybe blog together!! :)


What a great idea, Aneta! I'd really love that.

Kofla Olivieri

I don't see myself swimming in a river or lake in a foreign country, but I love camping! Is one the things about summers that I really enjoy!


I used to like camping as a teenager. It was the only way to spend time with my friends, away from home and family. I used to enjoy absolute freedom and the sheer fun of it-like putting up your tent and start getting a meal ready. Or making a bonfire on the beach. A friend would play the guitar and we'd sing along - everything was so peaceful except for the delightful sound of chops sizzling in the pan or the divine smell of a barbecue. I didn't really mind mosquitoes and other insects! But now I do! And I no longer feel like carrying so many things and, besides, most camping sites are so crowded!

Bobbin Talk

I'm traveling alone this year, but mayb enext year when I'm with my husband we can come by and then you can come visit Varna! :)


You were right, Anastasia. The heat wave from Greece is already here. It was so hot in Nicosia today - 40*C when I finished work. I can't say I like hot weather! Like everybody these days, I'm also looking forward to the holidays. Although I love the Greek islands, I feel I can visit them any time as they are close by, so in the summer I prefer far-away destinations such as the USA, South and Central America, China, Indonesia and Japan.


It'll be my pleasure to show you around Cyprus, Aneta. And I'd love to visit Varna. I've only been to Sofia which I really fell in love with. Did I tell you that there are a lot of Bulgarians living and working in Cyprus? And they all learn Greek so fast! I'm impressed!


We had 37*C today in Larnaca. I guess, by the the time you came back from work it was a bit cooler. I loved that breeze from the sea, late in the afternoon. I guess the sea is too hot for you to swim now!:-)

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