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April 08, 2010


Lakis Ioannou

Vasilis must have been a great man and a great personality. You are lucky to have met him even if you never met him in person. Just hold the good memories deep in your heart and be sure that he rests in peace.


Vasilis was, indeed,a great man and yes, I feel blessed to have met him online. Most importantly, he was a true friend. I still remember him telling me jokingly "Hey! You are promoted to Primary School Grade 2!" when I proudly announced him that I knew how to post a profile photo on my blog! I still miss him, though.


A beautiful post, Anastasia.
R.I.P. Vasilis


I can imagine your shock, Anastasia, when you learned the bad news. In the photos, Vasilis looks so young and full of life that makes you wonder what life is all about - too short and unpredictable!


I am sorry about the loss of your friend! How shocking to learn about his passing.
I often think of this--how can we know if something bad happens to an online/blogg friend? At least Vasilis's brother was able to contact all of his world wide friends, in this case.

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