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February 08, 2010



Kalimera Anastasia mou. We also make bourekia with myzithra in my area but we use either all honey instead of syrup or half honey half syrup. But I don't think I have ever seen daktyla over here. They look delicious and easy to make. I am curious to learn to cook new things so I will bookmark your recipe.


Thanks for the recipes, Anastasia. This is just what I needed. This year I promised myself that I will try to make my own bourekia both with halloumi and anari. They are a great snack with tea or coffee. I may even try to bake some daktyla (it will be the first time!) I noticed that the dough in your recipes is the same for both bourekia and daktyla which is very convenient.


I don't like daktyla a lot but I love bourekia and I think I am going to make some at the weekend. Your recipes are very helpful, thanks.
PS - I'll make an extra portion for you!

Lisa A

Is anari cheese like our mascarpone? It's italian cheese we useing a lot in sweets and pastries here I love your greek monday recipes because of all the new foods I have learned. Grazie mille. Baci e abbracci!!!


I love all those flavours that emanate from your blog and from your kitchen, I guess.


Unbelievable! Each time I visit your Monday's recipes I am starving! I must change my visiting time! I would have gained weight if I could grab some of those bourekia and eat them!


Daktyla is a local delight. I'll send over a few.


I used to hate cooking - now it relaxes me. It's like painting or writing or composing music. Very creative! Yes, the dough is the same so you save time if you double the dough recipe.


Can't wait to try them once again. You are an expert. Hope you liked mine!


Anari or myzithra is very different from mascarpone. Mascarpone is made from fresh cream and sometimes buttermilk is added - please correct me if I am wrong. Also, I think whey is removed from mascarpone. Yet it's delicious in tiramisu!!Fresh anari is a low fat soft white cheese made from whey and is widely used in greek desserts - especially in Cyprus and Crete. There's also dry anari which is salted and is mainly used grated for pasta - a bit like your parmesana.


I'm beginning to love the art of cooking although I'm still a learner.


I don't think you need a diet, yet if that can be a consolation, it's hard to find daktyla in Greece!:-)

Lisa A

Thank you for the information, Anastasia. Is true that the whey is removed from mascarpone but we not always add buttermilk. There is more lighter version of mascarpone without buttermilk.

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