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January 11, 2010



PS~ I also add some cabbage in the salad. I don't really like it but Alkis does.


Seems like a good winter/ comfort food type of meal!


I have to try it to tell you my opinion! Kind regards.

Lakis Ioannou

This is my favourite food and I must say it looks delicious on the photo! My mother always cooks it for me whenever we visit her at the village in the good old traditional way:she will heat the clay oven in her yard early in the morning before she puts the meat with the potatoes in a special clay pot and leave it cook for about 4-5 hours. She serves it with fresh homemade bread, tahini and yoghurt which she also makes herself and a big salad.


This sounds like a great meal. It reminds me the lamb I had once in Roumeli. They wrap large chunks of lamb - Ithink it's the leg not the shoulder - in greaseproof paper and in individual portions. The lamb is cooked in a well pre-heated oven for a couple of hours and is served with roast potatoes and a variety of vegetables.

Alexia M

How can I forget your delicious lamb kleftiko! I remember trying it on one of my visits to Cyprus. It was in a small tavern in a village near Larnaca - I can't remember the name - and I loved it! A Cypriot friend told me it means stolen meat!! Lol!!! Thanks for the recipe. I will try it for sure!!!


Larnaca is, of course famous for the best ofton kleftikon in the country and I sometimes make it home on Sundays more or less in the way you describe above. I also mix the cinnamon with some ground cloves to remove the strong smell of the lamb.

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