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November 15, 2008



Listen, sugar, very few women in Cyprus are able to be excellent mothers and wives and also great career women. Most of them look at the clock when they work and all they think is when to go home! Many of them also take advantage of being pregnant! So much for women being able to have a family PLUS a career ! Not many ...And I will not go back to your cute blog : War of the Sexes ! I am not generalising. I know a few women who are super women - you for example. They can combine perfectly their private life and their professional life. Unfortunately,most women all over the world think only about their kids and forget they have a husband ! And then , they blame the husbands for leaving them !


My dear friend, I am so sorry for all the problems at work you are facing. But I know very well that you will overcome them soon. Because you are a strong woman and a great professional. BTW I love cardigans too !!! Hey ! Can you use a big hug ??? When we meet, I know we will one one day, I promise I will cook the REAL sushi for you and Alkis! I wish you a wonderfull weekend.



Sorry to know tat your Secretary left the work .As you wrote it was doctors orders.
Thank you very much that you do understand a woman's malty Jobs.working at home working where she is employed and working by the side of her loved Husband.
Please Lakis don't be very hard on them, specially these days,women or the new Generation. The old generation use to work more and heaver work even they use to dig the land and plant there were no machines at home, she was the washing machine, the dryer, and the good Cook using Wood or the last type of kerosene burners,she was the nurse the house keeper.Habebti I wish you never put down the number of students You are a knowledge seeker it means you know and feel what a student are at school .To open a school is better than to open a jail.You know that.Opening a school such as yours it is not Just to teach what is written in the book, it is how you treat them, teaching them the meaning of life, as well.
I feel that in these days women and men must hold each other hands to work and to help each other ,Understanding in any family is a great gift.As you and Alkis are helping each other.
Good Working women and good working men must be adored at these days.
Love you for what you are.Love you for ever,teacher of life.


I am sure that you will deal with the load of work effectively mainly because of your driving force which is love for your work and your students. Take a break this weekend, forget all about work for a while, relax and I'm sure things will be much better on Monday. Wish you the very best. Hugs.


I had to stop work when I gave birth to my third child, especially because I had to commute to work.. I've never regretted it, though. Now I work from home and it's much better. I've already started my Christmas shopping by the way. Time flies!Wishing you a lovely weekend. Take care.


Good evening Haruko. Thank you so much...well I can't wait to taste your homemade sushi !

My dear Lakis, women have succeeded in any job you care to name: politicians, farmers, factory hands, soldiers, doctors, lawyers, bus-conductors, firefighters, police officers, scientists, presidents of countries to name only a few. And they have often put men to shame! What's more, we must not forget that women frequently succeed brilliantly in their careers IN ADDITION TO bearing and rearing children.

I agree Walid. In bygone times, women were true heroins! They'd work in the fields, carry the washing to the nearest stream, cook on charcoal AND make time for their children and family. After all, the real boss in the average family is certainly not father!

I promise I'll follow your advice, Constantine. Marking can wait till Monday. I'll forget all about work and enjoy the weekend.

Laura you did the right thing. Children and the family , in general, are far more important than any career. Besides you can now have both : a happy family and a great job. Hmmm...you are right. Time flies and it's Christmas before you know it! I must make time for some Christmas shopping as well. Filakia xxxx


Wow ! Fabulous background ! It wasn't there this morning. Where is this magical place? I believe that both men and women have equal chances and it's up to them to use them effectively


I'm glad you like my background, Constantine mou. At last! I made time to create a one this aftenoon after classes. See ? I'm following your advice. Relax and unwind. Alkis and I have planned a wild Saturday night out, anyway ! I took the photo of my background on a getaway in 1995 - that's my most favourite beach in Paphos, near Aphrodite's Rock. I agree with you. Men and women have equal chances in life and it's definitely up to them to use them.


The price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand, and the determination that whether we win or lose, we have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand. Take it easy. The best is yet to come.


I have seen people who pretend that they are working hard the moment their boss is around - and as soon as the boss leaves - they resume their irrelevant chatting over instant messenger or their networking activities on social networks. I wonder at times "Aren’t they worried about their future?"


The true Aussie battler and his wife thrust doggedly onwards: starting again, failing again, implacably thrusting towards success. For success, even if it is only the success of knowing that one has tried to the utmost and never surrendered, is the target of every battler.Do bear that in mind. BTW I just love the new background!

David P

Here's a big hug for you. Have a great weekend sweetie. I'm sure things at work will be just fine.


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